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For the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Agency, the Board shall, subject to the direction of the Governor have powers to:

  • Determine the Organizational structure of the Agency;
  • Approve for the Agency, Health Management Organizations;
  • Determine the overall policies of the Health Scheme, including the financial and operative procedure of the scheme;
  • Ensure the effective implementation of the policies and procedures of the Scheme;
  • Regulate and supervise the Scheme;
  • Establish Standards, Rules and Guidelines for the management of the Health Scheme;
  • Approve license, regulate and supervise Health Maintenance Organizations and other institutions relating to the Health plans as the Agency may from time to time determine;
  • Issue guidelines and approval for the administration and release of funds under the Scheme;
  • Approve Health Plans as may be determined and put forward by the Agency from time to time
  • Approve the recommendations of the Agency relating to research, consultancy and training in respect of the Scheme;
  • Keep and update a State Data Bank (SDB);
  • Perform such other duties which, in the opinion of the Agency, are necessary or expedient for the discharge of its functions;
  • Determine the remuneration and allowances of all staff of the Agency;
  • Engage the various levels of Government, Stakeholders and the Public during the strategic development of policies and procedures of the Health Scheme;
  • Approve Annual Reports and Statement of Accounts of the Agency;
  • Appoint and approve fees for external Consultants; and
  • Carry out such other activities connected with or incidental to the other Functions of the Agency.


  • Chief Executive serves as Chief Accounting Officer of the Agency;
  • Provides Strategic leadership and direction to the Agency;
  • Day to day administration of the Agency;
  • Supervises and control all employees of the Agency;
  • Promotes and monitors the Implementation of Health Insurance Scheme in the State;
  • Ensures effective participation in Health Insurance Scheme in the State;
  • Ensures sound data base for effective planning, implementation and supervision of Health Insurance Scheme in the State;
  • Promotes all components of Health Insurance Scheme in the state;
  • Ensures effective programmes for training and retraining of PLASCHEMA staff;
  • Encourages collaboration with other sectors at all levels in the development and support of the Agency;
  • Ensures referral and linkages between all levels of the health sector;
  • Mobilizes resources locally, nationally and internationally for the development and support of the Agency;
  • Reviews quarterly and evaluate the implementation of programmes of the Agency;
  • Acts as Secretary of the Governing Board, ensures the implementation of the Board's decisions.